Creature Comfort Veterinary Housecalls


Appointments are available weekdays, weekends, and evenings and can be scheduled for your convenience.  Dr. Jones will come to your home with or without a technician, as your needs dictate.

We recommend that all existing veterinary records be sent by email prior to the appointment. This will allow Dr. Jones to be best prepared for your housecall.

scared cat

If your cat is shy, we ask you to contain him in a small and quiet room so that he will not become panicked or need to be retrieved from under your bed.  Your bathroom is usually the best place to evaluate a frightened cat because of the quiet  and the stillness, which help to prevent panic.

If you have a timid or fearful dog, it is best if he is a bit hungry prior to his exam so that he may be more easily distracted and soothed with treats.

If yours is a high -energy dog who likes to jump around, it is ideal if his exam is preceded by some exercise, which will make him calmer and less inclined to becoming overstimulated.

Please call (360) 320-1254 or email us to set up an appointment. Click here for more information on our services.