Creature Comfort Veterinary Housecalls
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Thank you for selecting Creature Comfort Veterinary Housecalls.

We pride ourselves on taking a highly individualized approach to your pets' health and medical needs in order to help you maintain a happy and healthy pet throughout his life.

We believe that the level of compassion and expertise that our practice brings to your home will far exceed your expectations.

Home-based care for your pet allows for a relationship with your veterinarian that goes far beyond the ordinary.

The return of veterinary house calls

Studies show that without the stress, fear, and trauma that can occur when pets are taken from familiar surroundings, they can respond better to medical care and even heal more quickly. When your pet is seen in his own home, he will be calmer and less apprehensive, which allows for better evaluation of his physical and emotional health. He will not be exposed to germs that can be found in a hospital, and he will not be made anxious by hospital-borne smells of fear and sickness to which he is remarkably sensitive.

If your pet is frightened by a hospital visit, if he is too large, arthritic, or painful to travel, or if he is uncooperative about getting into the carrier or car, a housecall may be the answer for you. Alternately, it may be your busy lifestyle that makes a housecall a great option. If yours is a multiple pet household, your pets can be calmly evaluated one at a time without creating chaos or interfering with each other's exams. Housecall visits are also advantageous for the elderly, the disabled, or any person who does not drive a car.